Marriage Licenses and Civil Ceremonies


The marriage license must be obtained prior to the marriage ceremony.

  1. Both parties must appear together in-person and present a valid photo identification - government issued.
  2. You may submit the Online Application for regular or confidential marriage license prior to coming into our office. 
  3. The marriage license is valid 90 days from the date issued.
  4. To ensure proper order for a valid marriage review Marriage Steps.

Our ceremony room can comfortably and safely accommodate up to 12 people.

  1. Civil wedding ceremonies are performed in our office by appointment only. In order to ensure availability, we encourage couples to schedule appointments well in advance of the desired ceremony date. Please call 530-666-8130 to schedule your appointment.
  2. The marriage license can be obtained on the same day prior to your scheduled ceremony.
  3. You are required to have at least one witness if you have a regular marriage license. If you do not have your own witness you have the option to have a witness provided by the Clerk/Recorder's Office, see Marriage Room Usage and Marriage Witness Fee for more details.
Item Fee
Regular Marriage License $98.00
Confidential Marriage License $109.00
Duplicate Marriage License $25.00
Marriage Ceremony $93.00
Search for Marriage Certificate $15.00
Marriage Room Usage $93.00
Civil Marriage Commissioner - For a Day $109.00
Marriage Witness Fee for Wedding Ceremony $32.00

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Option in lieu of a public or confidential marriage license

At request; the Clerk/Recorder's Office offers wedding ceremonies performed in languages of English, Spanish & Tagalog.