Commissioner for a Day


Family Code, Section 401(a), designates the county clerk as the commissioner of civil marriages for the county. This commissioner may appoint deputy commissioners of civil marriages.

Using this authority, the Yolo County Clerk has authorized a program to allow an individual to be a "Commissioner of Civil Marriages for the Day". Due to the significant responsibilities associated with this, an individual who chooses to participate in this program must appear in person in the Clerk/Recorder's office to review and receive materials identifying their responsibilities and to take the Oath of Commissioner of Civil Marriages for a Day. The oath is valid on the day of the ceremony only.

According to guidelines established by the Yolo County Clerk, the individual requesting to be sworn in as a marriage commissioner for a day must:

  • Identify the county the marriage will be performed in
  • Identify the date of the marriage
  • Provide the full names of the persons to be married
  • Read and sign the oath
  • Pay the $109 fee

Accepted Payment Type: cash, check, money order or credit card