Fictitious Business Name Lookup

Online Lookup

You may search for fictitious business names that have been filed by the Yolo Clerk/Recorder via this online lookup.

The Fictitious Business Name index information is provided as a public service for your convenience. Updates and corrections occur on a regular basis, usually within 1 business day. We have tried to ensure that the information in this electronic document is accurate. Neither the County nor the County Clerk-Recorder shall incur any liability for errors or omissions with respect to the information provided in this index. The “Official Index” may be viewed in the Clerk/Recorder’s office located at 625 Court Street, Room B01, Woodland, CA.

Use of the Fictitious Business Name search utility is limited to individuals via the web-form interface provided by the Yolo County Clerk-Recorder. Any other access to or use of the utility and/or its data is prohibited, including but not limited to any means of automated, scripted, unattended or "robotic" data collection, data "mining" or "scraping". Violators may face civil and/or criminal penalties.

Search Tips:

  • The search will return records matching any of the words you enter. So, if you enter "office supplies", you'll find all the records with the word "office" and all the records with the word "supplies".
  • If you're entering multiple words, add "+" before a word to make it required. Entering "+office +supply" will return only the records containing both of the words. "+office -supply" would return records with the word "office" but not the word "supply"
  • You may use "*" as a wild card. Searching for "suppl*" will find both "supply" and "supplies".
  • You may search for a phrase by surrounding it with double-quote marks. Don't use the plus, minus or asterisk symbols inside quote
  • To insure you conduct a thorough search, begin by keying in the FIRST name of your business name to produce more choices.
  • If the business name begins with "A" and "An" etc., search both with and without that word.