Records at the County Archives

County Clerk Records

Articles of Incorporation 1860-1980
Great Registers 1867-1914
Cancelled Voter Registrations 1914-1981
Naturalization Records and Index 1870-1951
Applications for Marriage Licenses 1874-1950
Coroner's Inquests 1866-1967

County Recorder Records

Deed Books and Indexes 1849-1927
Homestead Declarations and Indexes 1861-1932
Land Patents and Indexes 1859-1932
Register of Births 1878-1903
Separate Property and Sole Traders 1876-1914
Marriages, Card Index 1850-1914
Deaths, Burials & removal Permits 1870-1918
Mortgages )Real and Personal Property) and Indexes 1850-1932
Marks and Brands