Confidential Licenses

A confidential marriage license differs from a regular marriage license in that it is not available for public inspection. Only the applicants may obtain a certified copy of their marriage license. No witnesses are required for the ceremony.

To obtain a confidential marriage license, both parties must be 18 years or older, appear together in person at our office, present authentic photo identification, and take an oath indicating they have been living together as spouses. (law does not specify a timeframe)

The license is valid for 90 days, during which time a ceremony must be performed. The ceremony may be performed in any county in the State of California.

When applying for a Marriage License each individual will have to provide the following information:

  • Father's Full Birth Name
  • Father's State or Foreign Country of Birth
  • Mother's Full Birth Name
  • Mother's State or Foreign Country of Birth
  • How an individual's previous marriage ended and the marriage end date (if applicable)
  • The name each individual will take after the ceremony. Click to see the information on allowable new names. Name Equality Act of 2007

Note: If you are recently divorced and it has been 6 months or less, you are required by our office to present a certified copy of the divorce decree for verification that the marriage has been legally dissolved.

Although confidential marriages are not public documents, anyone may request the county clerk to perform a search of the confidential marriage indices, for the purpose of confirming the existence or non-existence of a marriage. The date of the marriage and other information in the certificate shall not be disclosed except upon order of the court (Family Code, Sec 511).

At request; the Clerk/Recorder's Office offers wedding ceremonies performed in languages of English, Spanish & Tagalog