Fix a Challenge to Your VBM Return Identification Envelope Signature

If you received a notice that your signature was missing or doesn’t match the signature on record, please submit a signature cure statement.

"Cure" Letters

Vote-by-mail ballot envelopes missing a signature or with a signature that doesn't match the voter's signature on file are challenged. Conditional and provisional ballot identification envelopes can also be challenged for missing a signature. Yolo County Elections contacts the voter with a letter to help "cure" the challenge. We also make calls and send emails if we have that contact information on record. 

Voters may resolve a challenge by submitting a cure letter at least two days prior to certification of the election. Yolo County Elections will post the exact date of the deadline 10 days prior to certification. The forms can be returned in person, via email, fax, or postal service. The contact information is on the form. Please return your form as soon as possible in order for your ballot to be counted.

A vote-by-mail ballot envelope may be challenged when the voter's registration status changes between the VBM mailing and signature verification of the VBM ballot envelope. To learn more about curing challenges, please contact the Yolo County Elections Office at (530) 666-8133 or [email protected].