Vote-by-Mail Voting

What you need to know about Vote-by-Mail Voting

By California law, each registered voter will be mailed a ballot by their county election official. An individual request is not necessary. Voters may vote in person at a Vote Center and do not have to use the ballot mailed to them. Only active, eligible voters will be mailed a ballot.

Ballots are mailed no later than the 29th day prior to Election Day.

Making Sure Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot Counts

Information about the process, ballot tracking, remote accessible vote-by-mail, and more

How Vote-by-Mail Ballots are Counted

A step-by-step process including videos

Where's My Ballot?

Sign up to Track your Ballot with "BallotTrax"

Signature Verification Statement

Your form to "cure" a mismatched signature

Unsigned Identification Envelope Statement

Your form to "cure" a missing signature

Ballot Drop Boxes

List of places to return your voted ballot without mailing it

Get the Facts about Voting by Mail in Yolo County

From your trusted source - the Yolo County Elections Office

Voting Independently at Home

Use all the tools at your disposal for voting at home privately and independently