Process Server Registration

  1. Choose and complete applicable registration form:
  2. Obtain a $2,000 Bond for Registration from a bonding company.
    • The bond should commence the day you file the Certificate with the County Clerk.
    • Sign the bond when you receive it from the bonding company.
  3. Print and complete Request for Live Scan Service form. For more information regarding Live Scan fingerprinting visit the Attorney General's website.
  4. Obtain a photo, preferably a passport photo, for your identification card.
  1. File Certificate of Registration with the County Clerk:
  2. Record $2000 Bond (and copies to conform).
  3. Submit signed copy of the Request for Live Scan Services form.
  4. Submit photos for identification cards (Individual Registrations Only).
  5. Pay fees. See Process Server Fee Chart and Payment Methods.

In the ongoing effort to maintain costs and services, the Yolo County Clerk-Recorder asks that all documents requests to be mailed to the customer include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. In Lieu of the Self Addressed Stamped Envelope the customer may elect to pay $1.00 for return postage which will be added to the document fee total.