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Fictitious Business Names

Fictitious Business Name Statement (95k PDF)
Statement Of Abandonment of Use of Fictitious Business Name (246k PDF)
Statement of Withdrawal from Partnership Operating under a Fictitious Business Name (116k PDF)

Marriage, Birth or Death Record Requests

Foster Care No Fee Birth Certificate (148k PDF)
Request for a Birth Certificate (75k PDF)
Spanish - Certificada de Nacimiento (218k PDF)
Request for a Death Certificate (88k PDF)
Spanish - Certificada de Defuncion (215k PDF)
Request for Certified Marriage Certificate (259k PDF)
Spanish - Request for Certified Marriage Certificate (234k PDF)
Birth Record Request / Affidavit - Homeless Persons (274k PDF)

Saturday Marriage Ceremony Information (65k PDF)

Marriage License In Lieu Of (38k PDF)

Wildfire Butte, Los Angeles, Ventura (Camp, Hill or Woolsey)

Birth Record (134k PDF)
Birth Record Spanish (177k PDF)
Death Record (134k PDF)
Death Record Spanish (178k PDF)
Marriage Record (202k PDF)
Marriage Record Spanish (200k PDF)

Wildfire Riverside, Shasta, Mariposa, Lake Mendocino and Napa

Birth Record (131k PDF)
Birth Record Spanish (173k PDF)
Marriage Record (199k PDF)
Marriage Record Spanish (195k PDF)
Death Record (131k PDF)
Death Record Spanish (173k PDF)
Butte Los Angeles Ventura Camp Hill or Woolsey (185k PDF)

Wildfire Solano County Vital Records

Birth Record (131k PDF)
Birth Record Spanish (173k PDF)
Marriage Record (199k PDF)
Marriage Record Spanish (195k PDF)
Death Record (131k PDF)
Death Record Spanish (173k PDF)


US State Department's Passport Services and Information site (Offsite Link)

Process Server

Individual Process Server Registration (105k PDF)
Corporation/Partnership Process Server Application (91k PDF)
Request For Live Scan Service (85k PDF)

Professional Photocopier

Professional Photocopier Registration (23k file)

DD 214 Request

Request for Military Discharge Document (21k PDF)


Additional Real Property Forms Available through the Sacramento Law Library (Offsite Link)

The Sacramento Law Library has information on how to prepare land record documents
DISCLAIMER; this website is not affiliated with the Yolo County Clerk/Recorder's Office --

Affidavit Death of Joint Tenant (50k PDF)
Affidavit Death of Trustee (59k PDF)
Assignment of Deed of Trust (64k PDF)
Claim of Lien (Mechanic's) (59k PDF)
Declaration of Abandonment of Homestead (64k PDF)
Deed of Full Reconveyance (68k PDF)
Grant Deed (44k PDF)
Homestead Declaration (72k PDF)
Notice of Completion (85k PDF)
Quitclaim Deed (70k PDF)
Release of Mechanic's Lien (67k PDF)
Substitution of Trustee (69k PDF)
Cover Page (9k PDF)
Corrective Affidavit Form with Cover Page (108k PDF)
Effective 1/1/2017 AB 1974 Gov. Code 27201

Trust Transfer Deed (80k PDF)
Official Records Request for Undisclosed Documentary Transfer Tax (145k PDF)
Revocable Transfer on Death (TOD) Deed (152k PDF)
REVOCATION of Revocable Transfer on Death (TOD) Deed (89k PDF)
PCOR - Preliminary Change of Ownership Report (228k PDF)
If you should have any questions on completing this form, please contact the Assessor's Office at 530 666-8135
SB 2 Exemption Cover Page (32k PDF)
Illegible Notary Seal Declaration (10k PDF)

General Index Search Help

Index Name Abbreviations (8k PDF)
Full Name Of Document Types (53k PDF)
Official Records Request Form (11k PDF)

Temporary Documents

January 1 2014 Fee Increases (12k PDF)

Miscellaneous Forms

Payment Methods (107k PDF)
Credit Card Charge Authorization Form (37k PDF)
Name Equality Act of 2007 Literature (85k PDF)
2018 / 2019 Holiday Schedule (39k PDF)
Marriage License Eligibility Requirements (525k PDF)
Marriage License Fees (34k PDF)

Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS)