Copy Fees

In the on going effort to maintain costs and services, the Yolo County Clerk-Recorder asks that all documents requests to be mailed to the customer include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. In Lieu of the Self Addressed Stamped Envelope the customer may elect to pay $1.00 for return postage which will be added to the document fee total.

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Item Fee
Copy of Birth Record $25.00
Copy of Birth Record for Government Agency $19.00
Copy of Regular/Confidential Marriage Record $15.00
Copy Marriage for a Government Agency $11.00
Copy of Death Record-Public and Government Agency $21.00
Copy of Fetal Death Record-Public and Government Agency $18.00
Burial Permit $12.00
Homeless Person Birth Record Fee Exempt
Foster Care Birth Certificate Fee Exempt
In Lieu of Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) $1.00
Express Mail (Optional) $24.70
Priority Mail (Optional) $6.70